2018 Welcome!


A big thank you to the 58 Women & 74 Men that represented Franklin Soccer in 2017 and welcome to the Class of 2022 that will join us this year!

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2018 Important Dates/Upcoming opportunities and Summer League Registration Forms are now posted!

In 2018 we will again field 3 Women’s teams with 54+ players.

All players are expected to honor the Program Agreements, Core Principles and Program Policies. Varsity and JV Maroon roster spots will be extremely competitive. Making Varsity or JV Maroon will require individual dedication to fitness, touch, skill, comfort playing against bigger/physical opponents and willingness to fail as you push yourself, try new things, learn new skills and develop as a player. JV Gray provides an opportunity for players that are willing to learn and improve their fitness, touch, skill, and knowledge of the game.

2018 Tryout Goals Timed Mile Juggling Use of non-dominant foot Change of direction
Varsity <6:25 average

everyone <6:45

100+ average

everyone 75+

Comfortable and confident with either foot in game Fluid with either foot Kruyff, Pull the V, Pull & Tuck in Game
JV Maroon <7:00 average


40+ average

everyone 30+

Comfortable with either foot. Becoming confident with either in game Fluid with at least 1 move in game. Attempting to integrate all in game
JV Gray <8:00

<7:30 preferred


15+ preferred

Willing to improve learn Willing to improve learn

More information about tryouts can be found here.

Things you can do to prepare for High School Soccer

1) Spend time with a ball– A few minutes a day dribbling, changing directions juggling and/or working on your non-dominant foot will improve your touch and confidence with the ball at your feet. Youtube is a great resource. For rapid improvement do this first thing when you wake up and/or last thing before bed. Your body is prone to remember what you do in these times.

2) Play soccer or futsal– There is no substitute for playing the game. Play outdoor, indoor, pickup at the park, Franklin Open Fields, Summer Leagues, wherever & whenever you can.

3) Attend optional summer workouts– Summer Workouts are a great way to get to know Franklin players & coaches, and prepare for tryouts/daily doubles. Make sure we have your contact info to be included on the mailing list.

4) Watch soccer– Watching the MLS, NWSL, other professional leagues or high-level play will help expand your soccer knowledge and understanding of the game. Take in the game as a whole, but also spend time watching a specific player/position. See how they position themselves and the types of runs they make based on where the ball/teammates are

5) Encourage your friends to practice & play with you– Soccer is a team sport and we are in this together. Encouraging your friends to come out for the team and work as hard as you are will help set the tone for the season and raise our overall level of team play.

6) Add your name to the contact list-visit franklinsoccer.wordpress.com and click on the coaches/contact tab to join. This will make sure you receive information regarding 2018 Franklin Women’s Soccer summer leagues, optional workouts, team activities and camps.


For information on Franklin Men’s Soccer visit franklinquakersoccer.com